School Programs

All programs are distance learning, we help organize co-operation sites between parents.

Ancient religions and culture Videos and lessons

We will learn and study many cultures believes and way of life.

English Language Arts

K-2 will began with a phonics and decoding based program. We also offer a re-teach program for students older then second grade. 3-5 Grade we work on different reading and writing styles.


Applied to real life situations. Such as building geometry, farmers market for accounting, functional mathematics and basic mathematics.

Life Science

Farming, Animals, Solar, Food chemistry, Wind, Fish, birds and a nature trail.

Life Skills

Cooking, Cleaning, Animal care, Gardening, Self care, Hygiene


The students will be emerge in many different art forms with professionals and volunteers sharing their knowledge with students.


Social Studies

At Follow Your Faith Schools, students will engage in multiple activity stations and centers. They will learn Continents and Oceans, Then and Now, Landforms and Mapping, culture around the world and American heroes.


Students will work with local community to learn, and help improve their community. Students will learn to fundraise, volunteer and run a farmers market.